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Indigo Album on Vinyl (Hand-printed edition)

Indigo Album on Vinyl (Hand-printed edition)

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Indigo album by Mayshe-Mayshe on vinyl.  This limited edition of the album comes in a lino-printed sleeve, hand-printed by Mayshe-Mayshe.

  • Edition of 100 copies, signed & numbered
  • Pink colour vinyl
  • Hand-printed outer sleeve, lino printed on kraft card sleeve
  • Comes with album artwork insert and fold-out lyric poster
  • Includes download code for the digital album
  • Artwork designed by Mayshe-Mayshe

Sleeves are printed in various different colours (see image). Add a note to your order if you want to request a specific colour, or otherwise I'll send you a surprise colour.

Released November 11, 2022
Written, performed and recorded by Mayshe-Mayshe

Mixed by Jeff T Smith  at The Bungalow
Produced by Mayshe-Mayshe & Jeff T Smith
Mastered by Carl Rosamund at RRS Music

© Mayshe-Mayshe 2022

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